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Replied on T1101c8 Extra

Nov 26 at 10:23 AM

Thank you Lara. The ladies must find it such a sensual experience when their clothes are slippery and clingy? 


Commented on T1101c8 Extra

Nov 25 at 10:29 AM

Hi, nice video set. I just wondered if the oil you use is mixed with water or is it pure oil? Thank you. 

Commented on T1044c1 Cut

Nov 19 at 10:55 PM

Great vid. Did they actually kiss? 

Commented on T297c3 Cut

Nov 18 at 06:03 PM

The short video clip is not working. :)

Nov 18 at 06:01 PM

This is a good idea for a new type of video. Other producers who create similar videos make sure the girls are completely covered in the food and then full wash off afterwards.

(In your description of the scene you use the word ‘foot’ instead of ‘food’).

I hope this is helpful to you. 

Keep up the good work :)

Commented on T262c2 Cut

Nov 18 at 10:05 AM

Video is not loaded? 

Nov 14 at 01:11 AM

Sorry, I meant female and male videos, so with couples. If so I’d be happy to join in 



Nov 13 at 02:27 AM

Hi Lara. Are you planning to create any female and make videos? If so, I’d be happy to join you. 

Commented on Favorite videos

Nov 12 at 11:43 PM

I prefer the oily sessions. What is the likelihood of an oily girl-on-girl video?