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December 03

Hi everyone! 🥰
New mud videos is available in download store and on as well!
The last time we had blue jeans in the mud was September, so it was about time for a session for the fans of the genre. She is Babett, for those who don't know her already, a cheerful and pretty young lady who likes mud. Enjoy! 😉


T1074c5 Trailer

You can watch the full video on our website -...
November 29

Hi guys! 😍
New on!
was overdressed for the heat that day; she was working at a bank, and she was walking (home, I guess) after work. So what we did was a service for us all cos I doubt she would survive much longer without a cool-off. We soon started to think that she would not come with me only because we were funny so we had to offer her monetary compensation... Of course, she took the money, BUT she was happy to come with us and get her black clothes all shiny into the seawater... I guess that money was just "a perfect reason" for her to say yes, when in fact, IF we had spent five more minutes with her, maybe she would come anyway. Don't get me wrong... she is worth every penny... and you will see that if you download the update. She looked great in the sea.

November 28

Hello everyone! 🥰
We have a new video in download store and on too!
This is another wetlook cosplay video made with lovely Maya! Enjoy! 😉

November 26

Hi guys! 🥰
New on!
outfit looks excellent, covered with mud, and this is the first clip where she covers herself, her face, and her hair, too. Wash-off session available. 😉

November 25

Hi everyone! 😍
New video in download store and on!
This is Vanessa's solo scene taken from party 43, available on


T1065c2 Trailer

Vanessa in Party
November 23

Hello guys! 🥰
New on!
loves her clothes, and she has (as you already know) a closet filled with them.
On this occasion, we asked her to bring one of her favorite outfits for us to see, and she indeed surprised us with a red leather jacket, a pair of tight pants, and matching heels.
Isn't she pretty in the pool? 😉

November 22

Hi guys! 😍
New video in download store and as well!
Cili signed up for a selfie challenge, and the theme was to post "bold pics about yourself," so she had the idea to include some wetlook selfies in the "game." Enjoy watching her! 😉


T1046c7 Trailer

Cili takes a selfie, then swims in the pool.Full video on...
November 20

Hello guys! 🥰
New on!
is back into the sea; this time, she has something for the jeans fans. Hopefully, you will enjoy this update as much as she enjoyed playing in the sea for you. Enjoy! 😉

November 20

Hi everyone! 😍
New video in download store and on as well!
Meet Greta, a pretty singer who I met on the street, and I thought I should ask her to come with me and have fun in the jacuzzi in that nice outfit she had. As you can see I had luck that day, so enjoy! 😉


T1048c9 Trailer

Lara calls out to a girl on the street.Her name is Gréti -...
November 15

Hi guys! 😊
Party 48 is online on