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June 16

Hello guys! 🤩
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Teresa is back but this time she is getting wet, and in a nice pool place. I invited her toa new place. She is wearing a nice white outfit with a blue shirt. Enjoy watching her! 😘

June 15

Hi guys! 🥰
New on!
is always happy to share a wetlook experience with us cos sharing is caring, right? We hope you enjoy watching her soak one of her business outfits in the pool! 😉

June 13

Hello everyone! 😍
New video is available in download store and aon as well!
Lovely Niki is back this time wearing sexy leather leggings, high-heeled boots, and a blue shirt. As always, she knows how to get wet for the camera and for you guys! 😉 Enjoy watching her! 😘

May 28

Hi everyone! 😍
New video in download store and on!
A hot Batwoman for you today. She is Melinda, and she sure had a great time in the pool, posing for us. Enjoy this nice cosplay set of her! 😉

May 30

Hello guys! 😊
New video on!
Joana was admired and complimented the first time she entered the pool... by many winter clothing fans. This time she has something for the see-thru and satin fans. I am sure that a second clip with Joana wearing a long satin gown without bra, tan pantyhose, and silver heels would be more appreciated by you all. Enjoy watching her! 😉

June 01

Hi everyone! 🥰
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looks hot as she enters the pool in her summer dress and matching high-heeled sandals. Do you agree with me? Enjoy! 😉

June 06

Hello guys! 😍
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hot session in the Balaton Lake... Edina wore a black skirt, tan pantyhose, a pink top that got see-through when wet, and black heels. A perfect choice for a nice wet fun! Enjoy! 😉

June 01

Hi guys! 😍
New video is available in download store and on as well!
Get dressed, get perfect make-up, and then take a shower. It's surreal for most of the ladies out there but not for Netty, especially when I'm there... 😉 Enjoy watching her getting wet in that nice outfit! 😘


T1053c2 Trailer

Wetlook models from Europe Content from Wam.TV and
June 03

Hello everyone! 🥰
New video in download store!
Eleonora and Tinella are back, and ready to get messy in the mud pit, and because you guys like leggings and jeans, I bet you will like this set. Enjoy watching them! 😉
The scene is free on!

June 04

Hi guys! 🥰
New video in download store and on!
Meet Simonetta, and as you can guess, I had a great time that day, because I found this gorgeous woman in a very nice outfit for you guys, and she was open to sharing her pool with us and with me too, so I was lucky that day. Enjoy watching us! 😉


T1118c7 Trailer

Wetlook models from Europe Content from Wam.TV and