November 14, 2023

Hello guys! 🥰
New video on!
A summer wetlook hunter session, and you have to agree that there are ZERO chances to find a beauty like we have here for you dressed like this in the middle of the winter. ;)
Andra is 23 years old, and she has the most beautiful eyes I saw in the summer of 2012, and I've seen a few ;)
After I looked into her eyes, I had to take a little to catch my breath. After I could say a few words, she answered that she had come from work and gone home. And since she had no wedding ring on her hand, I assumed that no hubby would wait for her home, so she might be in jeopardy of having a dull afternoon, which I could not accept.
So, of course, I promised her three things to get her wet:
1. She will have fun playing in the sea with her clothes on
2. She will get many photos as a souvenir from us at the end of the day.
3. Many people will watch and enjoy her when the material gets uploaded.
As you can imagine, for the third promise I need your help so... have fun watching this beauty in the sea.